Limited choice

Section: All
Time: approximately 20 minutes
Number: minimum 10 participants
Type: Indoors or outdoors

Spiritual development objectives:

  • Know oneself better,
  • Get to know the others through their values and beliefs.

Activity guidelines

The room has to be cleared in order to define two separate areas.

Before each question, participants gather in the centre of the room.

The leader reads a sentence (i.e. “I am a gushing spring or a placid lake”). Participants make their own choice and stand on the side of the room representing their choice: To the right, the gushing springs, and to the left, the placid lakes.

In both areas, participants split into pairs and take two minutes to explain the reason of their choice. Everybody then comes back to the centre of the room and the leader reads out a new sentence. 5 to 6 sentences are sufficient.

Participants are invited to choose a new partner for each new sentence.

A few examples of sentences

  • I save money or I spend money
  • I like living in a city or in the country side
  • I prefer breakfast or dinner
  • I love summer or winter
  • I always pay attention or I am a dreamy person
  • I am a believer or I am not a believer
  • I am an athletic person or I am an intellectual
  • I defend my point of view or I always agree
  • I am intuitive or rational
  • I am a hare or a tortoise
  • I am a computer keyboard or a goose quill
  • I am a shooting star or a light house at the top of a mountain
  • I am a washing line or the tail of a kite
  • I am a sign bearing the inscription “No entry” or “public area”
  • I ride a motorbike or a bicycle
  • I am a mountain or a valley
  • I resemble honey or vinegar


This activity is excellent to use with a group meeting for the first time.


Sentences (see the above examples)


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