Chatting game

Section: Cub Scouts, Scouts/Guides, Rovers
Time: 30 minutes
Number: from 6 to 16 participants
Type: Indoors or outdoors

Spiritual development objectives:

  • Get to know the others better through their values, emotions, beliefs and convictions,
  • Express one’s values, emotions, beliefs and convictions,
  • Structure one’s value system.

Activity guidelines

Arrange the chairs in a circle, two by two, next to one another and facing opposite directions, so that the two people can chat face to face.

Participants will talk in pairs during a set time. Then, at the signal of the leader, all participants stand up and move to the next chair (clockwise), so that everybody changes partner.


Some topics are more difficult to discuss as a group or simply require a more individual exchange. In that case, the « chatting game » technique will be appropriate.


Ask the participants to divide into pairs and to find a quiet and isolated place with the following instruction: “Discuss a given topic during 20 minutes. During the first 10 minutes, one person talks. The other one may take notes but cannot interrupt. After those 10 minutes, roles are reversed”. The leader visits the groups after 10 minutes to remind them to exchange roles.

Get the group to come back together after those 20 minutes. Each person gets the opportunity to express how they felt during the activity or their point of view on the topic. People should not reveal what their partner has said during the chat.


Chairs, A4 paper and a big marker


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