Section: Cub Scouts, Scouts/Guides, Rovers
Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Number: Minimum 12 participants
Type: Indoors or outdoors

Spiritual development objectives:

  • Help young people building their value system,
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas within a group and the expression of personal feelings.

Activity guidelines

Ask 9 participants to each hold one letter from the word “tolerance” (1 A4 sheet per letter).

The other members of the group will try to find other words related to “tolerance” using those same letters.


If the group is quite large, choose several words (For example: pluralism, difference, violence, family, honesty, etc.)

Here are a few words that can be made with the letters from « tolerance »: race, rant, role, enter!, etc.

Spelling does not really matter. The important thing is that each person is able to give his or her ideas and explain them to the others if he or she wishes to do so.


The leader notes all the different ideas of words on a big sheet of paper. When the group has finished finding words, everyone gathers around the leader. Each person can then ask questions about the meaning of the words and their link to tolerance. It can be an opportunity to give a definition of the concept or find concrete examples of tolerant or intolerant attitudes. This activity can be an indirect way of making a group realise that they are not always tolerant with each other.

To make this activity more dynamic, the leader could hide the letters in a specified perimeter and ask the young people to find them (i.e. using a compass!).


A4 paper and a big marker


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